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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Zounds-Curse Of The Zounds!

Here are the Zounds, an anarcho-punk band formed in England in 1977. While other bands stuck to a simple formula for making punk, the Zounds added a lot of musical experimentation and that gave them a different sound than what else was coming out at the time. They were different and that's something I can appreciate...Enjoy!

The Zounds-Curse Of The Zounds!:

1. War
2. Can't Cheat Karma
3. Demystification
4. Great White Hunter
5. Fear
6. Did He Jump
7. Little Bit More
8. This Land
9. New Band
10. Dirty Squatters
11. Loads Of Noise
12. Target
13. Dancing
14. More Trouble
15. Biafra
16. Not Me
17. Fear
18. Wolves


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