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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kid Rock-Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast

This is the only Kid Rock album anyone should own...The only reason I own it is because it is one of the most underrated hip hop albums of all time. There isn't any of the whole crappy fucking nu metal shit or wanna be country here...None of that...It is just a great rap record with an old school aesthetic to the production and overall sound. This record, released in 1990, was the only one he released on Jive Records and he was quickly dropped when Vanilla Ice was found to be a fraud. That ended pretty much any "white-boy" rap from getting anywhere until Eminem became big. Kid Rock grew a mullet and picked up a guitar and started making really shitty country/nu metal/southern rock rap crossover after this. This is a classic album here...It is one of those great gems of hip-hop that nobody has ever heard. Enjoy!

Kid Rock-Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast:

1. Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley
2. Genuine Article
3. Cramp Ya Style
4. New York's Not My Home
5. Super Rhyme Maker
6. With A One Two
7. Wax The Booty
8. Pimp Of The Nation
9. Abdul Jabar Cut
10. Step In Stride
11. The Upside
12. Style Of X Pression
13. Trippin' Over A Rock


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