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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dystopia-The Aftermath

Here's Dystopia, everyone's favorite crusty sludge metal outfit. This is "The Aftermath" and I like. Enjoy!

Dystopia-The Aftermath:

1. Population Birth Control
2. Father's Gun
3. Self Defeating Prophecy
4. Sleep
5. Socialized Death Sentence
6. Backstabber
7. They Live
8. Anger Brought by Disease
9. Jarhead Fertilizer
10. Taste Your Own Medicine
11. Instrumental
12. Diary of a Battered Child
13. Cosmetic Plague (Rudimentary Peni)
*The Rudimentary Peni cover is not a separate track, it is on track 12 after "Diary Of A Battered Child"


Monday, May 19, 2008

Jerry's Kids-Is This My World?

This is Jerry's Kids' first album, "Is This My World". To describe it: Fast, insane early hardcore from Boston. I used to only have this on cassette and it was my only tape besides The Beastie Boys' "License To Ill" in my truck...Then I crashed my truck and left the tape in the player, which facilitated my tracking down of it on Soulseek. Anyways, it's a great album...Enjoy!

Jerry's Kids-Is This My World?:

1. I Don't Belong
2. Cracks In The Wall-Tear It Up
3. Crucify Me
4. Break The Mold
5. Raise The Curtain
6. Vietnam Syndrome
7. Build Me A Bomb
8. New World
9. Lost
10. No Time
11. Is This My World?


Resilience-Never Give In

Here's Resilience...They play Oi! and hardcore influenced street punk that's pretty good. Enjoy!

Bio from SOS Records:

Resilience started playing music in late 1999. Mixing tempo street punk with sing along Oi; they created stylistic anthems and their own unique sound. Because of their strong talent, they were allowed immediate access to San Francisco and the entire northern California circuit, quickly amassing a solid fan base. In less than a year Resilience had already self released their first full length album entitled Never Give In. At the same time they were already playing shows with such high caliber punk rock legends as The Business (from England) and hardcore greats Agnostic Front (from N.Y.). With lyrical content touching on almost every social problem they represent an attitude of self empowerment in a world of negativity. Resilience has played all over the U.S. , self promoting their first east coast tour and playing the Unity tour with L.A. punks T.S.O.L and The Casualties(from N.Y.). Selling over 3000 copies (not including demos), of their first self released album, Resilience has managed to distribute their merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, patches, posters, and buttons all over the world. After touring with punk rock greats Lower Class Brats, Resilience is getting ready to go back out on the road to support their second album entitled Sound of Strength. The new album is being released on S.O.S. records, along with a roster of impressive albums by punk veterans The Addicts and The Exploited. Going out on the first S.O.S. U.S. tour, Resilience will be playing with American punk icons Total Chaos and Belgium’s best punk band Funeral Dress who have been playing since 85. Resilience is expecting to increase their record sales 10- fold, with plenty of tours coming up and a third album on the horizon- so join in on a Resilience anthem and NEVER GIVE IN!!!!!

Resilience-Never Give In:

1. Resilience
2. Get Out
3. Save Yourself
4. Beat for the Beaten
5. We are the Ones
6. Cynic
7. D.I.Y.
8. Colors of War
9. Unity
10. Survive
11. Don't Care
12. The Pist/Poor Anthem


Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy

This pretty much served as a Greatest Hits album before "Greatest Hits" came out in 2007. I actually prefer some of the live versions here over some of the studio tracks, plus Mike Ness' banter in between songs is funny and interesting at the same time...Enjoy!

Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy:

1. Story Of My Life
2. Bad Luck
3. Under My Thumb
4. Prison Bound
5. Mommy's Little Monster
6. Mass Hysteria
7. The Creeps
8. Another State Of Mind
9. Let It Be Me
10. No Pain, No Gain
11. Cold Feelings
12. Telling Them
13. I Was Wrong
14. 1945
15. Don't Drag Me Down
16. Ball And Chain
17. Ring Of Fire


The Varukers-1980-2005: Collection of 25 Years

Since I wrote part of the Wikipedia article on them, I'll just post the link for it:

Wikipedia Article

This is probably the best retrospective CD out there for the Varukers. It was released in 2005 on SOS Records...Enjoy!

The Varukers-1980-2005: Collection of 25 Years:

1. No Education
2. Good Time Girls
3. Murder
4. Fuck You Up
5. Genocide
6. Tortured By Their Lies
7. Modem For Destruction
8. Where Is Your God
9. No Restrictions
10. Lesson We Must Never Forget
11. We Hint At Things Nuclear
12. Android
13. No Masters No Slaves
14. Protest And Survive
15. Die For Your Government
16. Led To Slaughter
17. All Systems Fail
18. Neglected
19. Seek Shelter In Hell
20. Massacred Millions
21. Nodda Machine
22. Soldier Boy
23. No Hope Of A Future
24. No Escape
25. End is Nigh


Roach Motel

Here is Roach Motel, Florida's most offensive band...Their sound reminds me a bit of Poison Idea, even though they are from opposite ends of the country. I like Roach Motel...Enjoy!

From their Myspace:

A Brief History of Roach Motel:

1963, Sheboygan, NJ - Bob Fetz is born.

1980, Gainesville, FL - Roach Motel play their first gig, opening up for the Bazookas at a tiny, out-of-the-way dive for about six people and a toothless bartender. A legend is born.

1984 - After an illustrious career during which the boys find a real drummer; tour with Black Flag, Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies; play with Dead Kennedys, CH3, the Necros and others, get lucky, release four records (including the mind-blowing punk compilation, "We Can't Help it if We're from Florida" and their debut "Roach & Roll", both of which are highly sought-after collector's items), the band finally implodes from the pressures of fame, money, and punk cred. In a haze of booze, broads, and Percodan, the members scatter across the US.

Last known whereabouts:

  • Bob Fetz - Spotted on the "F" train to Brooklyn mumbling, "I am Gilligan."
  • George Tabb - Founded the world-wide Punk Television (Ptv) media empire.
  • Jeff Hodapp - Runs a successful flamingo farm in South Florida
  • Frank Mullen - Producer of pornographic movies
  • Paul Miller - Headmaster of a conservative private school recently in the news
  • Eric Engan - Last seen on "America's Most Wanted" (reward pending)
  • Russ Avery - Leads a chain of mail-order church franchises
  • Chad Watson - Voted "most improved" at 1999 Amateur Tattooist's Convention"
Here's the downloads:

Roach Motel-Worstest Hits:

1. I Hate The Sunshine State
2. Now You're Gonna Die
3. Make Me Sick
4. Shut Up
5. Creep
6. More Beer
7. Heart Attack
8. Florida Reptile Land
9. My Dogs Into Anarchy
10. Mad Dog
11. Brooke Shields Must Die
12. Frenzy
13. Nothing To Loose
14. What If Your Mom Liked Drugs
15. Pizza Face
16. Chowburger
17. I Wanna Keep My Gun
18. Roach Motel Blues (Live)
19. Death Squad (Live)
20. American Band (Live)


Roach Motel-Roach And Roll EP:

1. I Hate The Sunshine State
2. Shut Up
3. Wetback
4. Now You're Gonna Die
5. More Beer



Lethal Aggression-Life Is Hard, But That's No Excuse

Lethal Aggression is a hardcore/crossover thrash band from New Jersey. This is their album, "Life Is Hard"...It's like ear candy for those who like crossover. Enjoy!

More Info Here

Lethal Aggression-Life Is Hard, But That's No Excuse:

1. Intro
2. Morbid Reality
3. No Scene
4. Fighting In The City
5. Spooge
6. War
7. KDD
8. Ill Fight
9. Quick Pain
10. Wild Kingdom
11. Vodka Vodka
12. Outcast
13. Newscasters Lies
14. Proud Johnny
15. FDA
16. Country Pig
17. Don't Break The Pact
18. No More Wasted Time
19. What You See, Is What You Get
20. Face The Facts
21. Exit (Outro)


Verbal Abuse-Just An American Band

Here's another one from the Bay Area converts, Verbal Abuse. This is their debut album, "Just An American Band"...Enjoy!

Verbal Abuse-Just An American Band:

1. Power Play
2. Leeches
3. I Hate You
4. Social Insect
5. Boredom
6. Bud
7. Disintegration
8. Unity
9. Free Money
10. I Don't Need It
11. Verbal Abuse
12. American Band
13. Intro
14. Verbal Abuse
15. Social Insect
16. Emotional Constipation
17. Disintegration
18. I Don't Need It
19. Paranoid
20. Worth A Try
21. Free Money
22. Unity
23. Bud
24. Power Play
25. I Hate You
26. Boredom
27. I Wanna Be Me


Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Adolescents

Here is the Adolescents self titled album, referred to by most as "The Blue Album". I picked this up appropriately at my first Adolescents show back in 2005. This is a great album, one of the defining ones of the OC scene. The first time I heard of the Adolescents actually was back when I was watching one of the Crusty Demons Of Dirt videos and "Kids Of The Black Hole " was playing. I was hooked and I remember playing that tape over and over just for that one song. Check it out if you haven't heard it already. You won't be disappointed...Enjoy!

The Adolescents-Adolescents:

1. I Hate Children
2. Who Is Who
3. Wrecking Crew
4. L.A. Girl
5. Self Destruct
6. Kids Of The Black Hole
7. No Way
8. Amoeba
9. Word Attack
10. Rip It Up
11. Democracy
12. No Friends
13. Creatures
14. Welcome To Reality
15. Losing Battle
16. Things Start Moving


Here is a compilation of their various demos from 1980-1986. Here you'll find worse recordings of some of their other material and what I think is the first recording of "Richard Hung Himself" before Casey Royer left and started D.I. It has different lyrics and is arguably better than the legendary D.I. version in my unprofessional opinion. Anyways, Enjoy!

The Adolescents-The Complete Demos 1980-1986:

1. We Can't Change The World
2. Black Sheep
3. Growing Up Today
4. We Rule And You Don't
5. I Hate Children
6. No Friends
7. Who Is Who
8. Wrecking Crew
9. Wrecking Crew
10. Creatures
11. Amoeba
12. Self Destruct
13. Do The Eddie
14. Richard Hung Himself
15. The Liar
16. The Peasant Song


Broken Bones-Time For Anger, Not Justice

This is Broken Bones' most recent offering, "Time For Anger, Not Justice"...What makes Broken Bones' stand out from the others from their class (Discharge, Varukers, etc.) is Bones' unrelentingly chaotic guitar playing. He easily would hold his own with any metal guitarist. I am a huge Broken Bones fan, I try to see them every time they come to Southern California...I think I've seen them 5 times or so...Even once at The Trilogy Theatre in Victorville, where a grand total of 10 people showed up. It was a week or so after the British Invasion concert which took place in the same county and the Adicts show, which was supposed to be the night after British, was shut down before the show could happen...I guess people were afraid that this would of been shut down as well...Fucking people...It was a very enriching experience being inches away from Bones' as he went into the intro for "Decapitated"....As for the album itself...

In true Broken Bones' fashion, it is filled to the brim with blistering guitar and war pounding drums. It's one hell of a record. While, Broken Bones' material from the 80s is classic and a better representation of the band, the take here is still worthy of their aura. They even throw in rerecorded versions of "Fuck Off And Die" and "Decapitated" at the end...A must for any fan of UK82 or Broken Bones, enjoy!

Broken Bones-Time For Anger, Not Justice:

1. Advertisements from Hell
2. Plastic Gangster
3. G8
4. Schizo
5. Conspiracy?
6. War Is War
7. Systematic Abuse
8. Their Design
9. Object (Of My Hate)
10. Dead Inside
11. Thriller Killer
12. No-One Survives
13. Justify War
14. Fucked Up Today ("Fuck Off And Die")
15. Cop Today ("Decapitated")


Anti-Flag-Die For Your Government

This is probably the only album by Anti-Flag that I'd never be ashamed to own...Why? Cause it's actually a fucking good record. It's very much in the vein of street punk with it's sing along choruses and simple structure...They actually make some halfway decent punk rock here that's fun to listen to and well...It's just good. This was one of my first punk records after I got into NOFX, Bad Religion and what not and I actually learned to play bass by playing along to this album. It's just a really good album by a band that is fucking horrible. Enjoy!

Anti-Flag-Die For Your Government:

1. You'd Do The Same
2. You've Got To Die For Your Government
3. Drink Drank Punk
4. Rotten Future
5. Safe Tonight
6. Red, White And Brainwashed
7. Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
8. Summer Squatter Go Home
9. She's My Little Go Go Dancer
10. Police State in the USA
11. Punk By The Book
12. Fuck Police Brutality
13. I'm Being Watched By The CIA
14. Kill The Rich
15. No More Dead
16. Confused Youth
17. Your Daddy Was A Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead


Hangover Overdose

Hangover Overdose play brutal as all hell Crust...They are from Finland, so you know it's fucking insane. I got these off of the Moshpit Tragedy Records website, which appears to be shut down for now...I guess people liked the sliding scale download system a little too much and didn't fucking donate. I did! It was only a dollar, but fuck it...Enjoy this amazing onslaught of crust from these Finnish fucks. Enjoy!

*Edit: The Moshpit Tragedy Records site isn't down. I just had the wrong URL. You can these albums there and not have to put up with the Rapidshare bullshit.

Hangover Overdose-Huippumalli Haussa:

1. Intro
2. Huippumalli Haussa
3. Kari Rajamäki
4. Ainut Kristitty
5. Pukupellet
6. Turhuuksien Palvelus
7. On Sika Kuosissa
8. Tuhotaan Planeetta
9. Kuulematta Paskaa
10. Joukkohauta
11. Muistatko Mitään
12. Mainonta Vs. Ihmiset
13. Onnellista Elämää
14. Give It Back (Disrupt Cover)
15. Ei Toista Mahdollisuutta (Äpäröi)


Hangover Overdose-Merry Crustmas:

1. F.N.D.
2. Harmaa Huominen
3. Pakko Saada
4. Sumu


The Zounds-Curse Of The Zounds!

Here are the Zounds, an anarcho-punk band formed in England in 1977. While other bands stuck to a simple formula for making punk, the Zounds added a lot of musical experimentation and that gave them a different sound than what else was coming out at the time. They were different and that's something I can appreciate...Enjoy!

The Zounds-Curse Of The Zounds!:

1. War
2. Can't Cheat Karma
3. Demystification
4. Great White Hunter
5. Fear
6. Did He Jump
7. Little Bit More
8. This Land
9. New Band
10. Dirty Squatters
11. Loads Of Noise
12. Target
13. Dancing
14. More Trouble
15. Biafra
16. Not Me
17. Fear
18. Wolves


Geto Boys-Uncut Dope: Geto Boys' Best

Here is the Geto Boys. Their misogynistic, nihilistic, overtly violent brand of hip-hop can be seen as a precursor to horrorcore, albeit without the metal influence, and were an inspiration to a lot of other hardcore hip-hop acts to come. This is like the most hardcore of gangsta rap at the time. Enjoy!

Geto Boys-Uncut Dope: Geto Boys' Best:

1. Do It Like It G.O.
2. Assassins
3. Mind of a Lunatic
4. My Mind Playin' Tricks on Me
5. Size Ain't Shit
6. And My Word
7. Scarface [Original Version]
8. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
9. Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
10. Chuckie
11. Gotta Let Them Hang


Jurassic 5-Quality Control

Jurassic 5 were an alternative hip-hop group from Los Angeles. They were formed at a health store of all places after some open mic night performances. Their music is almost entirely devoid of the usual hip-hop cliche' and it is pretty good. It's too bad that they just broke up. They had a certain A Tribe Called Quest vibe to their sound...Here is "Quality Control", released in 2000 by Interscope Records, their first on a major label...Enjoy!

Jurassic 5-Quality Control:

1. How We Get Along (Intro)
2. The Influence
3. Great Expectations
4. Quality Control (Intro)
5. Quality Control
6. Contact
7. Lausd
8. W.O.E. is Me (World of Entertainment)
9. Monkey Bars
10. Jurass Finish First
11. Contribution
12. Twelve
13. The Game
14. Improvise
15. Swing Set


Sham 69-Complete Collection Disc 1

I only have 1 disc for the complete collection, but I'm pretty confident in saying that this is probably the only disc that you'd need for a basic crash course in the Oi! legends, Sham 69...The only reason I only have 1 disc is because I downloaded this off of Soulseek a while ago and was banned from the motherfucker I was taking this from before I could finish...

Anyways, I love Sham 69. That sums it up in a lot of ways. I just recently saw the newest lineup minus Jimmy Pursey in Apple Valley...It was still a great show...Anyways, enjoy!

Sham 69-Complete Collection Disc 1:

1. Borstal Breakout
2. Hey Little Rich Boy
3. Angels With Dirty Faces
4. Cockney Kids Are Innocent
5. If The Kids Are United
6. Sunday Morning Nightmare
7. Hurry Up Harry
8. Questions And Answers
9. Hersham Boys
10. Give A Dog A Bone
11. You're A Better Man Than I
12. Tell The Children
13. Unite And Win
14. Rip And Tear
15. Outside The Warehouse
16. Ban The Gun


State Of Alert-No Policy EP

State Of Alert will best be remembered as Henry Rollins' first band, back when he lived in DC and worked alongside Ian Mackaye at Häagen-Dazs. Honestly, S.O.A wasn't really that great of a band, but it is a good listen for any fan of hardcore or Rollins' era Black Flag. To be honest yet again, I like S.O.A. a hell of a lot more than I like anything Rollins' did in Black Flag after the "Damaged" LP. Enjoy this for what it is, a footnote in the world of DC Hardcore. This is S.O.A.'s only release, their first and their last...Enjoy!

State Of Alert-No Policy EP:

1. Lost In Space
2. Draw Blank
3. Girl Problems
4. Blackout
5. Gate Crashers
6. Warzone
7. Riot
8. Gang Fight
9. Public Defender
10. Gonna Hafta Fight


Poison Idea-The Early Years

Poison Idea were the fattest hardcore band from Portland, Oregon. Here is "The Early Years". It is a collection of some of their earlier material. Poison Idea kicks ass, so enjoy!

Poison Idea-The Early Years:

1. Town Hall
2. Motorhead
3. Swallow It
4. Death Pact
5. Give It Up
6. This Thing Called Progress/In My Headache
7. Soldiers Junk
8. Think Twice
9. Bounce The Rubble
10. All Right
11. Underage
12. Castration
13. Young Lord
14. Typical
15. Spy
16. (I Hate) Reggae
17. Ugly American
18. Bounce The Rubble/All Right
19. Rich Get Richer
20. Pure Hate
21. Thorn In My Side


Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Plugz-Complete Collection

The Plugz were a band formed in Los Angeles in 1978. Their music tended to comprise traditional punk rock mixed with certain elements Mexican music. An important band to say the least, they were featured on the soundtrack to the seminal punk rock movie "Repo Man", which featured Emilio Estevez masquerading as a punk rocker who steals cars. I like the Plugz, even though they are by far softer than most of what I'd choose to listen to. Enjoy!

The Plugz-Complete Collection:

1. Move
2. Mindless Contentment
3. Let Go
4. Achin'
5. La Bamba (7" version)
6. A Gain A Loss
7. The Cause
8. Electrify Me
9. Satisfied Die
10. La Bamba
11. Adolescent
12. Brain Time
13. Word Less
14. Let Go
15. Infection
16. Beserktown
17. Better Luck
18. Red Eye #9
19. Achin'
20. American
21. In The Wait
22. El Clavo Y La Cruz
23. Blue Sofa
24. Touch for Cash
25. Gas Line
26. Ceasar's Song
27. Shifting Heat


Naked Aggression-Gut Wringing Machine

Here's another from the anarcho-punks, Naked Aggression. This is "Gut Wringing Machine". It is a great album and I highly recommend it! Enjoy!

Naked Aggression-Gut Wringing Machine:

1. Every Day Another Conflict
2. Chasing Dreams
3. Stay Away
4. Desperation
5. Wound Up
6. Gut Wringing Machine
7. Over The Top
8. Rage
9. False Hope
10. Prose And Cons Of Dying
11. Problems in Your Head (B.S.F.U.)
12. Stagger On
13. Radio


The Rotting Stiffs-Decomposing

The Rotting Stiffs are a grindcore band from Riverside, California. This is their album, "Decomposing". Lyrically, they are in between the socio-political leanings of crust with some hintings of goregrind. I like it, enjoy!

Rotting Stiffs-Decomposing:

1. Bloodstained Minds
2. Putrefied Battlefield
3. All Icons Fall
4. Decomposing
5. Protest Til Death
6. Swallow Your Vomit
7. Kuru
8. Suffer And Die
9. This Is Not Happening
10. Victimless Crimes
11. Death March
12. D.F.R.S.
13. Penial Yeast Infection
14. End Of A Lifelong Dream


Blood For Blood-Outlaw Anthems

Blood For Blood were (are?) are hardcore band from Charlestown, Massachusetts. Their music and lyrics are nihilistic in nature, as they really don't give a flying fuck...About anything...A good listen. Enjoy!

Blood For Blood-Outlaw Anthems:

1. Post Card From The Edge
2. Mother Dear
3. Ain‘t Like You (Wasted Youth II)
4. Dead End Street
5. White Trash Anthem
6. So Common, So Cheap
7. Tear Out My Eyes
8. Some Kind Of Hate
9. Love Song
10. Bloodshed
11. She‘s Still A Bitch (Called Hope)


Corrosion Of Conformity-Eye For An Eye

Corrosion Of Conformity come out of Raleigh, North Carolina and this is their first first album, "Eye For An Eye". COC played in many different metal style after this album as "Eye For An Eye" is almost strictly a hardcore punk/crossover thrash album. It is great to say the least, although I am personally not a fan of their works following. Enjoy!

Corrosion Of Conformity-Eye For An Eye:

1. Minds Are Controlled
2. Indifferent
3. Broken Will
4. Rabid Dogs
5. L.S.
6. Red Nekkk
7. Coexist
8. Excluded
9. Dark Thoughts
10. Poison Planet
11. What?
12. Negative Outlook
13. Positive Outlook
14. No Drunk
15. College Town
16. Not Safe
17. Eye For An Eye
18. Nothings Gonna Change
19. Eye For An Eye
20. Center Of The World
21. Citizen
22. Not For Me
23. What?
24. Negative Outlook
25. Hidden
*Note-The first track "Tell Me", I do not have. There might be one more missing as well.


Kegcharge-Kegcharge Demo

This is Kegcharge. They play brutal as fuck D-Beat. There's more info on them here on the blog, Mad Blasts Of Chaos. You can get the same content I'm posting on that link as well. I just really like Kegcharge. Enjoy!

Kegcharge-Kegcharge Demo:

1. Intro/Blood Mix Oil
2. God Where Are You?
3. Denoument
4. Dying For Who?
5. Medal Of Honor
6. God Bless Amerikkka
7. Thorax Lagerated By Tripwire
8. Fight Back